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Rental Property Wanted
This site was created as a place for people to buy, sell and rent residential property in the United Kingdom. This includes property such as a flat, an apartment, a terraced house, a semi-detached house or a detached house.

Whether you want to buy a house, sell a house or rent out residential property it is FREE to place an advert now.

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This site is FREE to advertise. If you are looking
for a residential property in the UK to rent such
as a flat, an apartment, a terraced house, a semi
detached house or a detached house place an advert
now. Give a brief description of the type of
property you are looking to rent, in which place
you would like it to be and how much you expect to
pay each month in order to rent it. This is an
example of how your advert will look.
Location: Liverpool
Telephone: 0151xxxxxxx
email: Site Administrator 
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